With Uber and Lyft quickly becoming ride sharing titans of the industry, you may be wondering why you would choose a car service like Ohio Luxury Transportation over Lyft or Uber. Even with Uber and Lyft being as convenient and trendy as they are, there are still plenty of valid reasons to choose a car service instead. In today’s blog from our team at Ohio Luxury Transport in Cincinnati, we are going to talk about the major advantages of choosing a private, luxury car service over an Uber of Lyft ride.



While Uber and Lyft do conduct background checks for all of their drivers, they use what are called “third-party” background checks. These kinds of checks are much less strict and do not vet potential drivers very thoroughly. It is very easy to become an Uber or Lyft driver, which can be both a good and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because there are more ride options in the rideshare market, which will bring market prices down and create more opportunity for quicker rides. But it also means that pretty much anyone can become an Uber or Lyft driver. There is a good reason that companies conduct interviews, extensive background checks, and require a detailed resume. They want to know that they can trust who they are hiring so that nobody has any concerns about who they are working with. When it comes to Uber and Lyft, your driver could be nearly anybody.


Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft depend on drivers being in the area. If there is no one around to give you a ride, then you are simply out of luck. When you choose to use a car service, you have a professional driver who will show up at the exact time you request — if not earlier. When you have an important meeting, interview, or event, it’s best not to leave your transportation to chance. Trust someone you can rely on to get you where you need to go when you need to be there — all in first-class style and comfort.


Also, as easy as it can be to hail an Uber, ordering a car service from Ohio Luxury Transport in Cincinnati is even easier! Just give us a call or fill out our contact form, give us basic necessary information — and that’s it. No fuss, no fancy apps to navigate through — just a call or a form.



When you order a ride from Uber or Lyft, it’s a bit of a gamble what car you are going to get. It could be nice — or it could be a run-down, pink Honda Civic. Ordering a car from a black car service ensures that you get a professional-looking vehicle that is both comfortable and stylish. You wouldn’t want to show up to an important business meeting with a promotion on the line and step out of a neon-pink Civic.


Additionally, when you are traveling from one place to another, you want to be as comfortable and accommodated as possible. Black car services and luxury transportation are all about luxury and class.


For us, it takes more than just getting paid to do something to be considered a professional. Uber and Lyft drivers may get paid to drive around, but we would argue that not all of them are professional. At Ohio Luxury Transport, our drivers have training, guidelines, and brand expectations to meet. When you hire a car service from Ohio Luxury Transportation in Cincinnati or any other professional car service, you will be picked up by a professional driver.




Arguably the biggest benefit of choosing a car service over an Uber or Lyft is that Uber and Lyft cannot pick up or drop off at most major airports — while driver services can. Car services have direct access to the heart of convenient pick-up and drop-off zones that civilian drivers don’t. Car services like black car service, taxis, and bussing companies all pay the airport for this access. On top of this, their drivers are all insured and protected by their company. This makes car services the obvious choice when you need a ride to or from the airport.


If you are looking for a dependable and comfortable ride to or from the airport in Cincinnati, contact us at Ohio Luxury Transport today!